An Artist Shows Us How Disney Princesses Would Live If They Were More Like Us


Disney celebrities are now more down-to-earth thanks to the artist Andhika Muksin. He creates ironic illustrations that combine modern reality with classic Disney. Now we know that Cinderella makes video calls and Ariel overeats pizza!

We at Tobe Gists are inspired by Andhika Muksin’s illustrations and want to share them with you.

1. Reality vs Expectation when eating an apple

2. When you just woke up from the dead:

3. She ran away, but she left her wig.

4. Daenerys Targaryen could look like this in cartoons.

5. Princesses also have a good appetite and eat after 6 pm.

6. The feeling when you turn your shower on and get hit by freezing water vs Disney World:

7. Video chatting with Cinderella

8. Disney fashion week: evil queens can triumph.

9. Disney Baes: fashion fearless females.

10. Ariel’s not perfect.

11. “The Stepmother Wears Prada.”

12. Come on, just push yourself up…

13. Breaking Beauty: no more boring parties

14. Watching a movie on Netflix with friends isn’t for everyone.

15. Good night, honey. Talk to you tomorrow.

16. Ariel and Aquaman — Now that could be a couple.

17. Barefoot princess: she just likes comfort.

18. Not all the angles of a face are perfect in real life.


20. When you jump into the pool for the first time this year:

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